Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week in review: Poor planning and good eating

I procrastinated the weekend before the start of the new job.  I went shopping with my parents instead of doing laundry.  I made sure to watch everything left in the DVR instead of grocery shopping.  I cuddled with the dog instead of cleaning the floors he sheds on.  I milked it.

And on Monday there was no milk or cereal to eat before dressing professionally and arriving early to the new job.  This lack of caloric fuel led to lackluster first impressions and a socially awkward, incredibly loud growl coming from an already anxiety ridden stomach.

Lunch break was here:

And consisted of (most) of this:

Chicken on a stick, veggie lo mien and two (shame face) egg rolls

Cost this: $6 ish

And was delicious.  Hindsight being 20/20, however, a Chinese lunch on a nervous stomach on the first lunch of a new job might not have been the wisest choice.

I continued my grocery shopping procrastination the next day and trekked it to Wholey's planning to get some sushi, but when I saw this:

Grilled salmon salad with blue cheese and balsamic (plus loads of fresh veggies)

for only a little over $5, I was easily swayed and very impressed.  This salad's price point is comparable to those of the fast food giant that lives up the street, but Wholey's manages to offer a beautifully grilled salmon filet with fresh produce and a flavor punch that the other guys can't touch.  I didn't even feel like I missed out on the whaler or Andy's sushi.  Procrastination win!

RA stopped the first week madness and went to the store, or I probably would've pre-spent my first paycheck in parking and lunching.  He actually researched, acquired and cooked the ingredients for a delicious chicken parmesan that I got to brag about in the cafeteria the next day :)  I could get used to homemade meals on hump day!

I packed my lunch on Friday but I came across a re-tweet on Twitter mentioning #FoodTruckFridays at Bar Marco and I couldn't resist. 

Franktuary and Dozen Bake Shop

Lucy making vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches

On top of those street vending giants, Bar Marco was on scene cooking up a butternut squash risotto al fresco.  I was almost paralyzed by the plethora of choices.  I wanted to try everything but I was short on time (because I walked past the meet up at first) and short on money because... well, I don't get paid for three more weeks.  I stood around awkwardly taking pictures for awhile (do any other bloggers feel awkward looking like food tourists??), but eventually my nose led me to this:

 Okonomiyaki from Fukuda

I've been following Fukuda on Twitter for awhile now and, when I was actually standing in front of them, I was too foodie struck to be able to remember all of the layers of ingredients and flavors that go into Matt and Hoon's okonomiyakis. I'll give you the wikipedia cliff notes here.

To me, as both a diner and a sushi lover, this dish ate like an omelet with all of the fresh flavors and textures I crave from sushi.  It was exciting and comforting at the same time.  This was the highlight of my first week in the strip and a great start to the weekend... where I actually managed to get some chores done :)

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