Sunday, October 14, 2012

Join the Fight for Pittsburgh Food Trucks

I don't know about you, but I've had my fill of political ads, debates, speeches and pundit predictions.  It's become nauseating.

There is a current issue of political importance, however, that renewed my appetite and rallied my hunger for change.  The Pittsburgh Mobile Food Coalition have been working in conjunction with The Saxifrage School and Councilman Bill Peduto to educate the community about the current legislation restricting the operation of food trucks in Pittsburgh and to encourage the community to show their support for enacting legislative change.

To this end, many of Pittsburgh's food trucks participated in a rally today in East Liberty to collect signatures of community supporters for their petition to improve the vending laws:

Passing out information to the crowd regarding the legislative changes the Coalition has proposed.

As I understand things, the most difficult hurdles the food truck vendors face under current laws are the following:
  • vendors may not park near any other establishments that sell similar wares (ie-no bars or restaurants where hungry people walk)
  • vendors must move their parking spot every 30 minutes (not exactly easy to do with hot fryers and sharp knives)
  • vendors must cease serving patrons at midnight (bar patrons are the bread and butter customers for food trucks)
  • vendors must have a stationary prep site and may not prep on the truck (easy to sell out and have to sit out the rest of the night)
Councilman Bill Peduto explaining the need for community support of the proposed legislation changes.

A petition was circulated and signed, but Councilman Peduto explained that the community needs to continue their food truck support and attend the city council meeting when these legislative changes are discussed.  I'm not entirely sure when that will be yet, but check my twitter for updates @Pittsburghlar.

In closing, here's a friendly reminder of what's at stake to put a little pep in that politico step of yours:

BRGR Truck

Fire in the Hole BRGR- gauc, jalapenos, siracha, chipotle mayo, and pepper jack cheese

BRGR Food Truck on Urbanspoon

OH My Grill

OMG Mac N Cheese

Oh My Grill Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon


Bourbon Bread Pudding

Here is my plea:  November is far away and that election is only giving you a headache. 

BUUUT you get hungry every day and you can have any and all of these delicious treats if you use your political clout to go to Pgh Mobile Food and enter your email address to show your support for Pittsburgh's food trucks and keep the scene moving forward!


  1. This is a great cause - I was saddened when I moved here from Dallas, a city with a burgeoning food truck scene, and having visited Austin several times in the name of eating at one of their thousands of food trucks. I wish PGH had it together when it came to these mobile eateries!
    Also, I'd love to know more about your burger! How much was it? Was it spicy enough?

    1. Hey, Ashley! Thanks for checking out the blog! I finally got those spoonbacks working after A LOT of tech support :) You need to come check out food truck friday in the strip district at lunch time in Bar Marco's parking lot. There's a meet up of at least 4 trucks weekly.

      The burger was awesome and it was cooked perfectly. I think it was around the $6 range, which is pretty reasonable in this designer burger scene :) Have you tried BRGR or Burgatory?? I took $20 with me to the rally and, as you can see, sampled liberally with some cash to take home!

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